Brewers Congress 2019

For the third year in a row, Original Gravity was thrilled to be invited to the Brewers’ Journal’s Brewers Congress. Instead of a report or an un-report (see last year) or a podcast or a major movie about the event, OG has decided to let some of the participants speak for themselves.


Miles Jenner, Harvey’s Brewery
Staying relevant in a changing industry
My father was an incurable romantic when it came to beer and brewing

I love standing at the mash tun and thinking of how this is where others before me stood and watched over the mash

We in beer need to remain a broad church

I believe in using local hops in local beers, and we have also been using the same hop growing families for years 

I was in a pub in Nottingham and ordered a couple of glasses of a beer with Citra hop in it and my wife said that it reminded her of the lager and lime she used to drink in the 1970s 


Dawn Maskell, International Centre for Brewing and Distilling at Heriot-Watt
Dispelling myths around (ir)responsible drinking
Beer is the drink of moderation

It is a myth that you can get drunk by putting your feet in a bath of alcohol


Roger Ryman, St Austell Brewery
Tribute at 20
Tribute was my first born.


Nigel Sadler, Learn2Brew
Panel discussion: Education: Why we need to increase awareness and understanding in dispense and distribution
Brew it well, keep it well, serve it well. 


Gabe Barry, Brooklyn Brewery
Community and craft beer: The positive impact beer can have on people and place
The smell of brewing is reminiscent of the smell of baking which equals home. 

You always find money to go to the pub

Make our breweries more environmentally, socially and economically holistic parts of the communities they serve

Where there is beer, there is people, where there is people, there are communities


Carlos de La Barra, Omnipollo
Why taking a step back can help you take a step forward
Sometimes we fail but we always try to get better.


Mark Tranter, Burning Sky
Why new beer releases should only be a starting point
Barrel ageing was an audacious move for me, I had never done it until six years ago 

Saison à la Provision is still only in its nappies, it is still growing 

You keep plugging away to create your identity

Constant refining of your skill makes you a better brewer


Anders Kissmeyer, Kissmeyer, Royal Unibrew
How to succeed as a craft brewer in 2020
Define, demonstrate and strengthen what makes you different

The geeks will not sustain you anyway

Do not scorn the big brewers embrace them


Yvan de Baets, Brasserie de la Senne
Believe in yourself and brew the beers you want to drink
Believe in yourself and make the beer you want to drink (and refuse the tyranny of the geeks and the marketing department)

I never met anyone who was proud of making a NEIPA

I think sipping is wrong, gulping is cool 

I love bitterness but the balance is about malt, hops and fermentation. I always try to feel what my yeast feels 

No penis contests!


Christian Townsley, North Bar and North Brewing
Why people are your brewery’s great asset
We created North as somewhere we wanted to drink

We became militant about beer that wasn’t being brewed at source.