London Beer Factory is making a mobile coolship that will travel the UK capturing the wild yeast and bacteria 

The London Beer Factory has announced a crowdfunding campaign to build the UK’s first mobile coolship.

They said: “With it we will travel the UK capturing the wild yeast and bacteria that naturally occur all around us. Every beer will be a living record of each area we visit – and the friends we make along the way.”

Sim Cotton, co-founder of The London Beer Factory, said: “We got the idea from trips to lambic breweries in Belgium and from hearing how breweries are starting to use installed coolships in America. Taking it a step further, I thought by travelling around the UK we would be able to recreate what the Belgians have been doing for hundreds of years – with a unique, modern touch.”

“We wanted to crowdfund the coolship because it is an intrinsically community affair. We are literally going out into the public and making beer – taking the operation away from the brewery and into the world. Secondly, the more supporters we engage the more people learn of the process, gain an appreciation for, and can choose to drink this style of beer.’

‘We have got interest from brewers already and are keen to start heading out to do joint coolship brews! It’s really an essential part of the concept as we will need locally sourced wort to ferment – which again adds to the locality of the beer.’

What is a coolship?
Coolships are a traditional, flat, open-topped cooling vessel used by the Belgian brewers of yesteryear. Designed to cool down wort (unfermented beer) while also capturing micro-organisms (including yeast) in the air – coolships allow for the spontaneous fermentation of beer.

The barrel ageing
The wild-yeast wort they capture will then be taken to The Barrel Project (a conditioning space and taproom) where it will be transferred to French oak wine barrels living for two to three years, while undergoing a slow fermentation and souring process before being blended and bottled. This maturation time allows the yeast years to chew through the complex sugars, creating a myriad of flavours and aromas, and a unique, exceptional beer.

For more details visit Crowdfunder here.