Who are you?

Wed really like to know.

We hope you enjoy Original Gravity% magazine, but wed like to make it even better for you. Wed like to know more about who you are and what youre interested in. Then we can tailor our content for you, making sure we write about the people, places and beers you want to hear more about, and run ads from the kinds of companies you dont mind hearing from.

So weve designed an online survey that wed love you to fill in. It’s there below. Itll only take about five minutes, and to incentivise you, well enter your name into a prize draw to loads of Magic Rock goodies (including this tin sign!).


The survey closes on 30th June. Please fill it in. Because if you dont, that annoying bloke in the bar where you picked this magazine up who pretends mainstream lager is now ironically hip and has an appalling fashion sense definitely will, and well assume you like the same things he does.

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